avatar_1_eyeWelcome to my sketchbook blog! These are sketches that I do live during shows. From about 2009-2012 I could usually be found doing just this at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. Now I haunt various venues in Western MA, and come back to Jalopy whenever I can. Since 2009, I have had three solo exhibits on the walls at Jalopy (which is also an art gallery). In Western MA, I've shown frequently in the window of Downtown Sounds, the area's largest music store which is located in Northampton. I've also shown my work at the Greenfield Savings Bank in South Deerfield, MA and the Deerfield Arts Bank gallery. If you are interested, you can learn more about me and see some more of my work at robinhoffman.com. If you are interested in licensing any images or commissioning an illustration, or you'd like to advertise on this site, you can contact me here. If you're in a drawing and you want to use it on the web only for your own self-promotion, you officially have my permission. Please let me know so I can see it. Here's an interview with me by the excellent music blog Lucid Culture. Here's a review they published of my first book, "Live From The Audience." And, here is a review of my show in the fall of 2011 at Jalopy. Thanks for looking! See you in the audience! Robin

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A sketchbook diary by Robin Hoffman